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The "Overall Site Rating" score for Wankz VR is an average of all of the 24 VR porn reviews posted on this virtual reality porn site. The reviews are all based on the same factors and no other VR porn studio's score is caculated differently.

Overall Site Rating 7.4

Wankz VR is a content provider that has been around a while in the virtual reality Porn scene. At this time they are close to 100 vr porn videos. These vary in experience at this point, as I have reviewed and published a few WankzVR videos at this point.

They promote true Virtual Reality (VR) streaming direct from your smart phone browser, no download required! The main features of Wankz VR are:

Every week we add two 100% exclusive VR scenes for you to download and experience. With 2 videos a week, I don't think I will ever be able to keep up on all the reviews.
Dive into a world of porn you haven't seen before, an immersive experience. Everything around you exists in a 360 degree field of view, our scenes are exactly half of that. WankzVR records and displays a field of view wider than the human eye so you can turn to the left or right, look up or down and see additional content that was not previously on screen.
Our head tracking technology creates a realistic 3D world around you. Head Tracking is technology that enables your VR device to determine where you head is within the virtual environment. Using this information, WankzVR can sense when your head changes direction or location and adjust what you see on screen accordingly.
The first site to offer an Android in-browser streaming solution - No apps required.
You won't find WankzVR content anywhere else, it's all exclusive to WankzVR. This is good to know, but to me all Virtual Reality porn sites should be pushing this.
Want a break from VR? We have a huge selection of non-VR content, thousands of exclusive videos.

There is a ton of reality porn here, and I am super pumped to try and see them all. The newer scenes look to have some unique content in them as well. It would be nice if the home page of the site actually linked to the individual virtual reality porn videos, but you have to go the the actual Videos page to get to the individual scene page. Either way, certainly a jerk worthy selection here!

Generic Wankz VR

I am looking very forward to getting to some of the new content on their site. I went back to one of their first Virtual Reality porn videos to start. Quality was a little iffy, but content hit the spot! Looking at some of WankzVR’s newer virtual reality videos they have upped the game a bit!

Do yourself a favor and sign up here, this site is doing it right apparently. I will have the reviews to prove it.

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