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VR Bangers

VR Bangers

Virtual Reality Porn Studio

The "Overall Site Rating" score for VR Bangers is an average of all of the 25 VR porn reviews posted on this virtual reality porn site. The reviews are all based on the same factors and no other VR porn studio's score is caculated differently.

Overall Site Rating 7.2

VR Bangers offers a decent bit of content. They release 2 videos a week so this is bearable for me to watch and review with a decent clip to review other provider’s videos. I doubt I will get to review all of their content as there is quite a lot.

The below virtual reality trailer nearly seals the deal for me, but I need to get a better idea of all the content first. This does make me a little biased I suppose, but when I joined I wasn’t too sure about the quality. After some reviews, I am not completely sure yet on extending it my membership here.

They offer 3 different subscription options and even throw in some VR goggles for a few of them.

  1. One Month for $19.99 per Month
  2. Three Months for $13.33 per Month
  3. Twelve Months for $8.33 per Month

All 3 options renew at the first paid rate, so nothing too hidden there. I didn’t try all 3, and simply went with the month by month.

Generic VR Bangers

Their join page says they include:

  • Unlimited access to all our videos
  • Downloads and Streaming
  • 3D Steroscopic 180° & 360° 4K videos
  • 2D HD non-VR videos
  • Impressive binaural sound
  • Supports all VR headsets
  • Smooth head tracking
  • Compatible with all smartphones

They have a good bit of 360 videos as well, but their site says all 360 on all videos. I am just not seeing that. I have one queued up for review already and you can find it on this site as soon as I finish!

I am going to review a few more of their videos and then will give you a final verdict on this site. Until then, if you think you might want to join VR Bangers and you enjoyed this review – head on over and join their virtual reality playground!

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