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The "Overall Site Rating" score for Real Teens VR is an average of all of the 7 VR porn reviews posted on this virtual reality porn site. The reviews are all based on the same factors and no other VR porn studio's score is caculated differently.

Overall Site Rating 5.5

I will likely get bashed for this review, but I will deal with it. This virtual reality porn provider is for Real Teens VR. This site is small at the time; right now there are under 20 videos, and as you can imagine they are all focused on “real” teens in virtual reality. I recently reviewed my first video from this site and it didn’t set a good bar for them moving forward. However, that also means they don’t have a lot to do to improve as well. You can see the VR video reviews I have done below.

So far there is nothing hidden. Appears to be a pure pay-by-month setup. I have already been billed my first 30 days and am set to review. Once I get that charge, I will let you know how it comes through. They offer two methods for payment:

  1. $1.00 for a 1 Day Trial
  2. $24.95 for a 30 Day Subscription

Payment Option 1

This will charge $1.00 today and then renew after 1 day at the $24.95 price, so there is no real reason to do this method. Especially considering the fine print that this only gives you access to the site for 1 Day and 1 Video for that 1 Day.

Payment Option 2

This is straight-forward for the most part. You sign up and pay $24.95 every month for unlimited access to the site and content.

Both options have a pre-checked add-on which is on the payment submission page, so you have to be sure you uncheck the box before continuing as this is the final submission.

"Sign me up for a 3 day membership to www.amateursraw.com for US$ 1.75. After 3 days, membership renews automatically at US$ 29.95 every 1 month. Terms and Conditions

Real Teens VR

I had a look at this additional site, and it looks dated so not sure when it was updated last. I did notice that I saw nothing about virtual reality porn on it. I have not reviewed all of the videos above, but they do a nice job at portraying them as young, fresh, and green porn teens. I know which one I am looking forward to reviewing next because she looks very hot! You can probably guess by how many times you see her image on this site.

Real Teens Virtual Reality Porn

In summary, I am not 100% sure I will stay with this site too long considering the cost. It appears this is run by Naughty America, which has much better quality VR content on their main site. The cost of this membership for the weekly update is just not fitting for me as of yet, but they could certainly get there with more content and better use of the VR technology.

If you are interested in hot teens, in Virtual Reality, you could certainly join Real Teens VR and download all of the content to your heart’s desire.

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