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The "Overall Site Rating" score for HoliVR is an average of all of the 3 VR porn reviews posted on this virtual reality porn site. The reviews are all based on the same factors and no other VR porn studio's score is caculated differently.

Overall Site Rating 6.9

Now that HoliVR is closed, I have changed all of the material to SexLikeReal. They have all of the content that used to be up on HoliVR!

I found HoliVR because of Angel Wicky, I figured I would just be up front with you about that. I did a review on a scene of hers, and she promised she would let me know where I could find more – and she did. HoliVR Porn has quite a few scenes at this time, so I will have some content to go through for you! Stay tuned to the virtual reality porn site HoliVR, and the reviews below on this page for more updates.

They have 4 different payment models available at this time:

  1. One Month – $0.50 per day which is $14.99 for 1 month
  2. Three Months – $0.28 per day which is $24.99 for 3 months
  3. Six Months – $0.25 per day which is $44.99 for 6 months
  4. PPV$25 one time payment
HoliVR Virtual Reality Porn Provider
HoliVR Virtual Reality Porn Provider

Generic HoliVR

I signed up using the PPV option to start as I have full memberships to the other sites. Each scene I watch with cost 30 points, and I got 500 points for $25 on signup. The video equality at this point has been awesome, but storage wise it cost me 8GB on my SD card. As you can imagine this took a while to download, but once it was done was well worth it.

The site has summaries for each of the scenes they post, and it is painfully obvious that there is a language barrier going on here. Some research has found that the site is run by a JP team, and I am not sure they produce all the content, but purchase it and then make it available under their license. I won’t let this be a bad thing as far as I am concerned, and I actually get a chuckle when reading the synopsis.

HoliVR Review Updates

I have been a member here for some time now and it is becoming clear that they don’t update too often. Not sure on the actual schedule here, but it does appear to be once a week. There hasn’t been anything that has drawn me in since the last Angle Wicky update. Hopefully they will release a new virtual reality porn scene that catches my attention. Check back in here for more updates!

This site is now closed it seems. The domain name doesn’t resolve and there Twitter account has not been active in months.

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