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TS Virtual Lovers – Luxury Lovers

TS Virtual Lovers - Luxury Lovers

From TS Virtual Lovers

Nikki Vidic is not your average realtor – she specializes in upscale properties and also has quite upscale sexual tastes herself. She just happens to be showing a beautiful apartment to a client that has immediately caught her eye. As she showcases the fully appointed bedroom, all she can think of is test-driving the bed with him. She can tell that the more she shows him around the place, the more into her he becomes. In fact, for the past several rooms they have visited together, he could hardly keep his eyes off of her, imagining having wild sex with her. One thing leads to another and his wanting hands are all over her, caressing and gently sucking on her nipples. She repays the favour by pulling his shaft out of his pants and giving it a good sucking and stroking. Now the floodgates are open to some incredible luxurious penetration action in pretty much all the rooms they have visited up to that point. Enjoy the ride!

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