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I enjoy porn, what else can I say? Then they take it to the next level and bring us porn in Virtual Reality! I have a Gear VR and an Oculus, but my main pleasure is my Samsung Gear VR. I use this for most of my reviews, but when some sites boast a higher res for Oculus, I do dig that out.

What makes this site different is that I actually subscribe to these sites and don’t post a single bit of content until I have painstakingly watched every minute of the scene. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. This is not a VR tube site. It is not a VR fansite. It is a VR review site. Virtual reality reviews done by me, someone who has not experienced much porn before, but enjoys the experience of VR. I hope that you enjoy the reviews!

Virtual Reality Porn Criteria

Some of the content providers for virtual reality porn are really driving the change here as they release content on a regular basis and provide high quality VR content. At this point, I have memberships most of the virtual reality porn sites that I will use to watch and give an honest review, just for you! Well, not really just for you – but you get the point.

With so much porn, I have broken down my reviews into different, honest review criteria:

Video Experience

I will judge the video based on how much it pulls me in visually. Does the female performer give me a very nice and wet close up of her pussy and breasts? While I watch this, do I feel like I am lost in the scene? Does the VR porn scene have a lot of scene cuts and not fluid end-to-end? Color quality, contrast, and clarity are also important when conducting a VR porn review.

Audio Experience

Does the cast take full advantage of talking to me? Does the female really pull me in by involving me in the scene? With Virtual Reality porn, it goes beyond just a suck and fuck. The scene has to be about her telling me how much she wants mt, how much I am going to enjoy this. Whispering into my ear is crucial as well. Completely bringing me into the scene with verbal acknowledgement of her pleasure and excitement.

Female Performance

Most of the work done in VR porn is by the female. If you don’t have appreciation for that, perhaps this isn’t for you. I will be mindful of that, but also critical. She will have to be mindful of the camera for virtual eye contact, and also ensure she continues to involve me. The female pornstar will completely exert herself, and sometimes even be so good she doesn’t break a sweat really. This leads well into the next portion of quality VR porn.

Male Performance

Should be self-explanatory – but shut the fuck up. Don’t ruin my experience by moaning and groaning your way to a nut. You get to have these sex machines on a regular basis. I get 30 minutes in VR – just lay there and get fucked. Keeping your hands out of the way – at least until AR gets more involved – is absolutely paramount. We realize that being a male performer is difficult, and it will require a different type of pornstar.


Again, this has to go beyond suck and fuck. Come up with unique positions that take advantage of virtual reality point-of-view. The binaural audio is there to be taken advantage of. Get close to me, use all of the tools to create a scene and experience that I will have a good rub to! Unique positioning of the female body and the way she uses it are important. Parodies and cosplay virtual reality porn scenes are becoming very important in VR porn.